Title: Nocturne
Artist: The Horrors
Album: Luminous
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Art Meme | Oscar-Claude Monet - Lilac Irises

Monet began this work of art in 1914 and finished in 1917. The artist painted irises throughout his career because the iris was one of his favorite flowers. Lilac Irises is one of the last examples of his collection of irises. Monet wanted to document the French countryside in which he lived and to do so, he adopted a method of painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the passing of the seasons. [x]

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“Take high school seriously, even if you’re surrounded by jerks. Don’t let obnoxious kids and teachers stop you from learning calculus. I wrote my college essay about Nick Drake and young love. Kind of emo, I know.” — Ezra Koenig

Claude Monet Details; 22.4.14

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